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Glue-free Chest Patch

Glue-free Chest Patch

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Premium self-adhesive and reusable nipple covers (pasties) made of matte silicone with hypo-allergenic adhesive for the best, long-lasting and waterproof coverage.

How to apply ?

(1) Make sure your chest is free from moisturisers, powders, oils or perfumes that reduces the effect of the adhesive.

(2) Peel off the protective plastic film off each Lily and apply one at a time. Press down firmly to ensure good adhesion to the skin.

(3) REMOVE gently. Be careful not to pull skin. Do not rip off. 

Wash & Care : 

After wearing your chest patch , hand wash them with mild soap and water, and let them air-dry with the adhesive side up. Once your chest patch have dried, place the protective plastic film back on each one to protect the adhesive. Store your chest patch in the cover. With proper care, you can wear your chest patch over 20-30 times.

(1) We recommend wearing chest patch for maximum 8 hours each time.

(2) We use safe and hypo-allergenic medical adhesives, but if you have sensitive skin, please seek professional medical advice before usage of chest patch. Anyone could be sensitive to even the best medical-grade adhesives.                                                  


Free size 

Product Care 

- Machine wash in cold water
- Do not bleach
- Tumble dry low
- Low heat ironing


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