About Us

Life wear is

Clothing designed to improve everyone's life.

It is simple, clean, high-quality, everyday clothing with a practical sense of beauty.

 We hope every piece we make inspires a woman to feel good. At the heart of the line, we want to offer the foundation of staples for any woman’s wardrobe.

Expensive Taste Without Markup

Beauty comes with a hefty price as many would say. There is no logical reason that premium quality items should be made affordable. The high price tag associated with premium quality remains the status quo for decades, if not centuries.

 Quality makes life better

But, because of premium quality item enthusiasts like you and I, we challenge ourselves to change the industry forever. We're here to unlock the barriers between women , fine jewellery and premium quality fabrics so you can wear quality materials and feel good every day.  

We want fine jewellery or any premium quality products of us to be fairly priced but not with the traditional markup. We all could sell beautiful pieces at an honest price if we want it to be. 

We do things differently.


With expensive taste and premium quality – doesn’t mean we have to make it expensive. We believe in honest pricing. All you're paying for is pure materials, craftsmanship & our effort.

How It's Made ?

No mass production machinery involves

When we reach a certain amount of production, we will soon discontinue the collection / products. We don't keep inventory, every batch for the production is small and limited too. 




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Be modern, nostalgic or both.
Be confident to your soul.
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Chyi Lin & Siblings.